About Me

Hey there, and welcome to my website! I’m delighted to connect with you!  

I’m Sherrie, a certified trainer and nutrition coach, motivated by my passion to help others realize their best selves. 

As a wife and mom of four, I know how stressful life can get and how quickly time gets gobbled up with other obligations. Putting yourself first is something most women struggle with, and more often than not, fitness and health are the first two personal priorities on the chopping block. 

I love exercise and fitness and am fascinated with food and nutrition for its transformative potential. I want to devote my expertise to teaching women how to embrace a healthy lifestyle and drop weight without deprivation, calorie-counting, or making the gym your home away from home. 

A common misconception many women share is that a Fit, Fab, and Fierce transformation requires sacrificing your social life or abandoning all of your favorite foods. Not true… and I’m here to prove it to you.

A Homegrown Mission

Starting when I was about 15-years-old, I spent quality time working out with my dad, specifically with weight training to help improve my times for the high school swim team. I kept a chart of how much I could bench press and how many reps I could do. Looking back, I can see that I was definitely a personal trainer in the making.

But, college life took its toll on me, as it does so many young women and men. An unfortunate traumatic event caused me to have an even more difficult time dealing with daily struggles of emotional eating, sugar cravings, and endless fad diets. Although I was still exercising, almost daily, my eating habits were anything but healthy. 

As a result, I gained 20 pounds the last few months at Illinois State University. What I was learning without necessarily realizing it is that exercise is only 20% of the wellness picture.

Slim Down Success

By eating (and drinking) less, and continuing to exercise, I was able to lose those 20 pounds after graduation. Of course, I still had sugar cravings and struggled with emotional eating, but I kept the weight off and didn’t think twice about my patterns. While these strategies worked well post-college and even post-pregnancy, my forties were a whole different story.

Fighting the Good Fight in My Forties

Despite exercising consistently and eating healthy, I started putting on weight in my forties. As a result, the emotional eating and sugar cravings worsened. Not only was the weight bothering me, but I started having frequent stomach pains and, eventually, chronic migraines.

An Experimental Experience

I turned to nutrition, first, and started experimenting. 

Here is what I observed...

When I ate whole, unprocessed foods I felt a lot better and the weight started to melt off. When I ate processed foods, the stomach aches and headaches, along with the weight, would return with a vengeance. This realization launched my understanding of how to have a healthy relationship with food, which helped me kick my sugar habit.

Perfect ending to my story?

Not exactly,  Eventually my migraines became worse and more frequent, even when I ate really well.  I soon discovered what actually was the source and that story will be shared in a future blog post. 

Self-Assured Success

Now, armed with the knowledge required to be my Fit, Fab, and Fierce self, I am finally in control. The result? A healthier, happier woman who’s intense gratitude inspires me to give this gift to others. 

Are you ready to accept your Fit, Fab, Fierce self? Contact me and let’s chat!


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